Killing Eve season 3 was heavy on drama, betrayals, and (as always) deaths.

The new season was slightly less well-received than the prior two, but it still had fine moments and built big expectations for season 4. From artful breakdowns to "Villanelle" and "Eve" connections, let's take a look at the best episodes and moments in Killing Eve season 3.

Killing Eve season 3 episodes: A quick recap

In season 3, "Villanelle" (Jodie Comer) tried to work her way up with The Twelve, to little success, eventually offering her services to MI6. She also investigates her background and meets her family.

Killing Eve season 3 episodes: "Villanelle" meets her family

The main plot was the investigation into the death of "Kenny" (Sean Delaney), who died, possibly by suicide, but "Eve" (Sandra Oh) and "Carolyn" (Fiona Shaw) believe he was taken out by The Twelve. 

The season ended with "Carolyn" accusing "Konstantin" (Kim Bodnia) of being behind the death of her son. In the finale, she chooses not to kill "Konstantin," while "Villanelle" and "Eve" close the episode teasing a new connection in season 4.

Killing Eve: Best episodes and moments in season 3

With just eight to pick from, we'll narrow down the list to the season's three best episodes and a highlight from each one. Here is the best of Killing Eve season 3.

#3: "Are You From Pinner?" - S3E5 

While some criticized it as filler, the family reunion episode "Are You From Pinner?" saw "Villanelle" put her interpersonal skills to the test. It also contained the memorable performance of Elton John's "Crocodile Rock," sung ritually by the family of "Villanelle." The assassin's silent breakdown, while wearing headphones, following the murder of her mother was a twisted highlight of season 3.

Actress Jodie Comer revealed that "Crocodile Rock" was, in fact, the song playing in her headphones, too.

#2: "Meetings Have Biscuits" - S3E3

Episode 3, "Meetings Have Biscuits," was a throwback to everything that drew in Killing Eve fans in the first two seasons. "Villanelle" is tasked with assassinating a former Russian agent, who MI6 is pursuing at the same time. She also reconnects with "Eve" in the episode, with the pair fighting on a bus and "Eve" kissing "Villanelle" as a distraction tactic. The episode also features the memorable scene with a lovesick "Villanelle" making a Build-a-Bear for "Eve."

#1: "Are You Leading or Am I?" S3E8

Killing Eve's many fans who are obsessed with a "Villanelle" and "Eve" connection will no doubt name the finale as the best of season 3. The episode also featured a gunpoint showdown with "Carolyn" and "Konstantin," which didn't exactly resolve the death of "Kenny." After the confrontation, "Eve" and "Villanelle" agree to part ways, but a last-second change of heart was the final moment of season 3.

Bring on season 4. Killing Eve usually airs on BBC America and iPlayer and AMC beginning in April. But for now, a premiere date remains unconfirmed as the show hasn't begun production amid the pandemic. In the meantime, meet the cast or test your knowledge of the show with our quiz.