Taylor Swift fans were ecstatic when an unusual cover of "Look What You Made Me Do" was featured in Killing Eve season 3.

The song appeared in the May 2020 episode "Beautiful Monster," credited to cover band Jack Leopards & The Dolphin Club. After "Villanelle" (Jodie Comer) has a tense meeting to open the episode, the stripped-down cover plays over the show's opening credits. Here's why fans believe Swift had a hand in the cover — and may even have recorded it herself.

Killing Eve: The Taylor Swift "Look What You Made Me Do" episode

On the day "Beautiful Monster" aired, T-Swift fans went into detective mode, uncovering what they believe was an act of vengeance orchestrated by the singer in her feud with Scooter Braun.

Background: In 2019, Swift's catalogue of six albums was acquired in a record deal purchase by Braun, whom she referred to as an "incessant, manipulative bully." She added that she'd been trying to purchase her master recordings for years, but her label's owner wouldn't sell unless she committed to more time with the company — which she was unwilling to do.

Killing Eve: Taylor Swift "Look What You Made Me Do" Cover

Since that time, Swift says she's been blocked from performing her songs - notably at the 2019 AMAs - and using them in media projects. She's also stated that she intends to re-record her discography since Braun now owns all the masters.

"Look What You Made Me Do" cover appears on Killing Eve

Enter Killing Eve. On May 24, the day "Beautiful Monster" aired, Swift tweeted that she was "VERY STOKED" about a new cover of "Look What You Made Me Do" that appeared that night on Killing Eve.

The cover, originally on 2017's Reputation, was credited to Jack Leopards & The Dolphin Club. First, fans discovered that the band was seemingly nonexistent prior to covering "Look What You Made Me Do." What's more, one of Swift's well-known pseudonyms, Nils Sjöberg, was credited as a producer of the track.

Another theory suggests that Swift's brother Austin performed the vocals on the special Killing Eve cover, after fans pointed out that he once used "The Dolphin Club" as his Twitter display name. Finally, Swift's previous ties to Killing Eve writer-producer Phoebe Waller-Bridge were cited as another piece of the puzzle.

Killing Eve: Taylor Swift song featured in season 3

All of this made for a social media frenzy in May 2020, as T-Swift fans were delighted by their favourite singer's (allegedly) sly musical revenge on Scooter Braun. No official word ever came out of the story, but Killing Eve was at the centre of the Swift-Braun feud in 2020.