Today, many no longer believe that a woman must have children to feel fulfilled. Still, for acclaimed actress Sandra Oh, it was a decision that took her years to make. As Oh's career really took off, starting a family did not appear to be a realistic option.

Sandra Oh had lots in common with Grey’s Anatomy character

In 2019, the former Grey's Anatomy star re-entered the spotlight in the title role of spy-thriller series Killing Eve. It was after several award wins and nominations that she decided during a Marie Claire interview to give her opinion on having children.

Oh explained that in the years before turning 40, the idea of having children crossed her mind. However, after much thought, she came to the decision to not have any, since she was already content with her personal life. Nonetheless, she did consider herself fully capable of raising a child on her own.

This is what Sandra Oh thinks about having children

What's more, Oh explained that she is completely happy as an aunt to her nephews, as well as a presence in the lives of her friends' children, and that she did not feel the need to have any of her own.

Killing Eve star Sandra Oh's interview on not having children

Oh's beliefs are not unlike those of her character on Grey's Anatomy. "Dr. Cristina Yang" had her marriage come to an end due to differences with her husband about having children. Off-screen, Oh's priorities lie in her career, relationships, and with friends and family.

Oh was married just once, to filmmaker Alexander Payne, and they divorced in 2006. She currently stars as "Eve Polastri" in BBC America's Killing Eve, which is filming season 4 now.

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