Kyle MacLachlan still has fond memories of Twin Peaks — but he's doubtful that he'll be returning to that world once more.

The actor, who portrayed "Dale Cooper" on the show's original run and in 2017's The Return, reflected on the legacy of Twin Peaks in a new interview. And while he expressed his appreciation of its devoted fanbase, MacLachlan offered only mild hope to those who dream of another return to Twin Peaks.

Twin Peaks: Kyle MacLachlan on new season odds

Speaking with The Playlist to promote his new film Tesla, MacLachlan was asked to address the possibility of any future Twin Peaks seasons. "Well, of course, there is always a possibility of another one," he began, "but everything begins and ends with David [Lynch] and what his plans are and I don't have a clue as to what he's thinking."

He continued: "So it's always possible and I lean towards it being a no, but I've been wrong more than once so the chance is always out there." 

Twin Peaks fans were left with a brutal cliffhanger—involving MacLachlan's "Agt. Cooper"—in the show's original finale, after it was cancelled following season 2 in 1991. A prequel film followed in 1992, but a follow-up seemed unlikely until the 18-episode Twin Peaks: The Return aired on Showtime in 2017.

David Lynch in 2020

During quarantine, Lynch, 74, has taken on daily weather reports on his YouTube channel, and most recently released a short film titled What Did Jack Do? with Netflix. The Eraserhead filmmaker, famous for his creative approach centred on connecting "ideas," is typically coy about future plans and commitments.

But earlier this year, Lynch did reveal that he sees cable television as "the new art house," perhaps indicating that future work would land on TV, as The Return did in 2017.

In MacLachlan's Playlist interview, he added his admiration for the Twin Peaks fandom, with whom he frequently interacts on social media. "I see all this beautiful art and inspirations, something I try to showcase on my Instagram page with things like fan art Fridays, and I am so moved by the work that people have been motivated to create and share from this very special thing that I was a part of that it feels good to engage and spread that joy," he said.

MacLachlan portrays inventor Thomas Edison alongside Ethan Hawke as Nikola Tesla in 2020 film Tesla.

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