• Joaquin Phoenix's Joker is getting a sequel
  • Lady Gaga is in talks for a major role in the movie
  • And the twist: Joker 2 is said to be a musical

Originally, Lady Gaga became world-famous for her music and extraordinary looks. In 2008, she made her breakthrough with her album The Fame.

Since then she has been a star in the music scene. However, the musician is also very interested in acting. Lady Gaga hit the big screens with A Star is Born and House of Gucci. Could a superhero film role be next?

Joker 2: Lady Gaga's new movie (and music) role?

Now Lady Gaga is rumoured to star in the sequel to Joker alongside actor Joaquin Phoenix, whose involvement, however, is not yet official.

Also interesting:

Lady Gaga's role in the movie, titled Joker: Folie à Deux, is not yet confirmed. However, it is likely that she could follow in the footsteps of Margot Robbie and take on the role of "Harley Quinn."

Apparently, Lady Gaga doesn't have to give up singing either. Surprisingly, the Joker sequel is going to be a musical.

We are definitely curious and can't wait for more details on the film. Joker came out in 2019 and, for the film, Joaquin Phoenix won the Oscar for Best Actor.

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