On Law & Order: SVU, fans were treated to a surprise motherly turn for "Benson" (Mariska Hargitay) when she adopted "Noah" in season 15. The young boy was rescued as part of a child pornography investigation, after which he entered the foster care system.

It's later discovered that his mother was an addict who assumed "Noah" had died, but she was killed shortly after attempting to recover and gain custody of him. Thereafter, "Benson" cares for "Noah" and hires a nanny to help with him while she works. He's seen in many episodes and, frighteningly, is sometimes even threatened when "Benson" gets involved in complicated cases.

Law & Order: SVU: "Noah" actors

Since season 15, "Noah" has been portrayed by four different child actors. He was first played by twins Bradley and Skyler Dubow, then by Jack Nawada-Braunwart, and, since season 19, by Ryan Buggle—who's most associated with the role.

Buggle is an actor and dancer who's also appeared on other series including Master of None and Mindhunter. The multitalented youngster also shares a close bond with Mariska Hargitay, who portrays his on-screen guardian, calling her his "second mama."

Law & Order: SVU - "Benson" and "Noah"

Buggle is active on social media, where he regularly celebrates SVU-related milestones and shares behind-the-scenes views on the set of the show. The youngster even posted a heartwarming video of Hargitay and the crew surprising him with a cake on his birthday earlier this year! "I love my @nbcsvu family!" he wrote.

The actor appears locked into his SVU role for the time being, as fans continue to watch "Noah" and the 11-year-old star grow up before their eyes. Follow along on his Instagram and Twitter for Buggle's latest updates on his life in the entertainment world, and stay tuned for more "Noah" and "Benson" in SVU season 23.