• Leave It To Beaver ended way back in 1963
  • Actor Jerry Mathers starred as "The Beaver"
  • This is the star now in his 70s

Many years have passed since Leave It To Beaver was on TV. The sitcom began in the 1950s and concluded after six seasons in 1963. But all these years later, "The Beaver" himself is still going strong. This is star Jerry Mathers today.

Leave It To Beaver star Jerry Mathers is in his 70s now

Child actor Jerry Mathers was hardly 10 years old when Leave It To Beaver began. Now in 2023, he is in his 70s, and we've still seen him around in recent years.

Leave It To Beaver legend Jerry Mathers

Of course, Jerry Mathers returned as "Theodore Cleaver" in the 1980s revival series Still the Beaver. But more recently, he acted in a few 2015 short films and the TV show Dad Dudes.

On television, you may also have seen the Leave It To Beaver star promoting the show in recent years on MeTV. The TV legend continues to give interviews to this day, too.

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Jerry Mathers has been married to his third wife Teresa since 2011. He's also a father of three children born in his second marriage.

From Leave It To Beaver, Jerry Mather's co-star Tony Dow, who played "Wally Cleaver," is also still around today. But in 2022, Dow sadly announced he's battling cancer.