• Michael Landon was one of the biggest stars of the 1970s
  • He is best known for Little House on the Prairie
  • Landon took some acting practices from another production for Little House

In Little House on the Prairie he was not only an actor, but also a screenwriter, director and producer and bore a great deal of responsibility for the success of the series. In fact, the show was a global hit, but how did Michael Landon do it? Series colleague Melissa Francis, who was also part of the show as "Cassandra Cooper-Ingalls", revealed his strategy.

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Michael Landon Was A Very Savvy Artist In His Time

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Michael Landon is said to have copied some tips from Bonanza. In her book, Lessons from the Prairie, she says that Michael Landon took various elements from Bonanza and incorporated them into Little House. He is said to have had a fondness for including scenes in which "a bunch of guys" could be seen surrounded by beautiful women. Horses and weapons should not be missing either.

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