• Love Actually is a popular Christmas movie
  • It stars many famous actors
  • Learn more about the cast now in the video

Love Actually had quite the star-studded cast with names like Hugh Grant, Keira Knightley, Emma Thompson, and Colin Firth all playing a role.

The contribution from all the amazing actors along with the heartwarming plot made this movie a classic for many. Luckily, fans would get to see much more from these stars in future productions!

Love Actually: The Stars Today

Thomas Sangster played the sweet "Sam" in Love Actually. In more recent years, Thomas has grown up a lot and notably starred in the Maze Runner films. The beautiful Keira Knightley saw her career take off after playing the role of "Juliet". She went on to appear in blockbuster productions like Pirates of the Caribbean and The Imitation Game.

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Another actor who went on to have great success is Colin Firth. He depicted "Jamie" in the rom-com, but celebrated the peak of his career in 2011 with an Oscar for his starring role in The King's Speech. The rest of the stars from Love Actually have accomplished a lot since it was released in 2003. Watch the video above to find out more!