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Malcolm in the Middle

Television show Two and a Half Men

With 7 seasons and 151 episodes, the American comedy series Malcolm in the Middle starring Frankie Muniz was broadcast from 2000 to 2006. Malcolm in the Middle is now considered one of the new classics on television, as well as one of the best shows in Fox history!

The series had a great cast because, in addition to Frankie Muniz, it starred actors such as Jane Kaczmarek, Bryan Cranston, Justin Berfield, Christopher Masterson, or Erik Per Sullivan. 

Malcolm in the Middle Awards and Nominations

Malcolm in the Middle won seven Emmy awards stand out, among them Best Direction and Best Comedy Series Screenplay. The series also garnered seven Golden Globe nominations as well as two Screen Actors Guild Awards nominations. It even got a Grammy Award for Best Song for the song Boss of Me.

Malcolm in the Middle Fun Facts

  • Although "Wilkerson" was originally chosen as the family name of "Malcolm", they were later renamed "Nolastname" (no last name). 
  • Actor Aaron Paul, "Jesse Pinkman" in Breaking Bad, wanted to play "Francis." 
  • Although "Reese" is older than "Malcolm" in the series, actor Justin Berfield is actually younger than Frankie Muniz. 
  • Actors like Emma Stone, Dakota Fanning, Jeannette McCurdy, Octavia Spencer, Christopher Lloyd or Susan Sarandon appear in the series.