What a reunion! Several Melrose Place cast members reunited on Wednesday as they appeared on Strahan, Sara & Keke to talk about the making of the show in the early nineties and some iconic scenes. 

They have gotten older, but Courtney Thorne-Smith ("Alison Parker"), Andrew Shue ("Billy Campbell"), Daphne Zuniga ("Jo Reynolds"), Josie Bissett ("Jane Mancini"), Laura Leighton ("Sydney Andrews") and Doug Savant ("Matt Fielding") are all still raving about how it was to appear on such an iconic show.

Melrose Place star Andrew Shue: "TV is so different now"

Shue shared his thoughts on how much the business has changed: "We feel lucky we were part of something that was unique — because that time has passed — the way TV is so different now," the actor said.

Host Michael Strahan also shared a fun fact with the former Melrose Place cast - when the O.J. Simpson trial was happening and the jurors were sequestered, they actually insisted on watching the current episodes of Melrose Place because they wanted to keep up with what was happening on the show!

The TV legends then went on to compete in a challenge to see who knows more about the show, but see for yourself!