The 88-year-old actor is filing for divorce from his fourth wife, former horse trainer Elizabeth Shatner (59). The couple wed in Lebanon, Indiana in 2001. "Captain Kirk" was previously married to Gloria Rand (1956-1969) and they had three children together, Marcy Lafferty (1973-1996) and Nerine Kidd (1997-1999). 

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William Shatner's Love Life

Shatner's love life has proved to be anything but simple. His third wife Nerine, died on August 9th, 1999 after battling with addiction issues. William came home that night and found his wife naked and unconscious at the bottom of their pool. She was legally drunk at the time of her death, which was ruled an accident.

William and Elizabeth Shatner Won't Receive Spousal Support 

Regarding his current divorce, according to TMZ, the couple had a prenuptial agreement which means neither William nor Elizabeth will receive spousal support from one another. William has an estimated net worth of $100 million.