Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger joined Jimmy Fallon to show off his acting abilities in a parody of retro television infomercials and PSAs.

In the light-hearted clip, Jagger is seen mindlessly playing a guitar before the old-timey narrator addresses him and instructs him of ways he could be better spending his time during quarantine.

Mick Jagger and Jimmy Fallon parody retro BBC News

The 76-year-old rocker takes part in the fun, performing household chores, light exercise, and even animal husbandry (as the retro narration informs us) in the video.

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The Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon introduced the bit by saying: "You know this pandemic is affecting everyone across the globe. Check out this thing I saw earlier today on BBC."

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At age 76, Mick Jagger's still at it with the Rolling Stones

"The BBC's coverage of the pandemic is a little bit different than ours, don't you think?," Fallon concluded after the unannounced appearance by Jagger.

The collaboration was for a good cause too, as the skit ended with a focus on fundraising for the Save the Children fund during the COVID-19 crisis.

Sadly, Jagger didn't deliver a musical performance in the parody! But, in case you're wondering, Jagger and the Rolling Stones are still at it. The band, which formed in 1962, also released a new quarantine-inspired song titled "Living in a Ghost Town" just a few weeks ago. Listen to it below.