Jimmy Fallon isn't on board with the Tiger King hype! The late night talk show host may have channeled star Joe Exotic in a skit on The Tonight Show, but as he shared with People, he gave the show a try and found that he couldn't get into it.

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Fallon admits that Tiger King got "a little depressing" for him

Fallon said that both he and his wife, television producer Nancy Juvonen, gave the ever-popular Tiger King a go. "I tried it. My wife got out quickly. She was like, 'It's not for me,'" Fallon said. "I watched because everyone else was watching. I thought I might have to spoof it. But it got a little depressing for me around like, the fourth episode."

Instead, Fallon told People that he's been turning towards lighter comedy while under quarantine. "I was like, 'I'm already depressed now.' I need something funny. I need something that's going to make me laugh," he said. "This is not really making me laugh." And that's why Fallon ultimately chose not to finish watching the series. "I just didn't see it," he admitted. "It wasn't steering towards an awesome ending."

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Fallon played Nicolas Cage playing Joe Exotic in Tiger King skit

Fallon's Tiger King skit on The Tonight Show saw him play out a humorous take on what he thinks Nicolas Cage's portrayal of Joe Exotic will look like. He donned Exotic's infamous mullet and sunglasses, while mimicking Cage's mannerisms and delivery.

"Everyone on the internet is all freaking out about it and all excited about it, and we are so excited about it too, only because we got sneak footage — a sneak peek at Tiger King starring Nicolas Cage," Fallon said leading into the parody.