• Mork & Mindy was a great Happy Days spin-off
  • It aired four seasons from 1978 to 1982
  • See our video on what happened to the cast!

This is the cast of Mork & Mindy now. Let's start out with Robin Williams. The comedy genius played one of the title roles “Mork”, an alien from planet Ork.

What Happened To The Cast Of Mork and Mindy?

"Mork" was Robin Williams’ breakthrough role and believe it or not, he wasn’t very well-known beforehand. After the end of the sitcom, Williams starred in many films and was sought-after for comedies and eventually for dramas as well. 

What Happened To The Cast Of 'Mork and Mindy'?

Nowadays, Robin Williams is best-known for Mrs. Doubtfire, Good Will Hunting and won various awards throughout his career. But his life sadly came to an end a few years ago.

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