• Nathan Fielder's new show The Rehearsal was a hit
  • It's made fans want to know more about the comedian 
  • Here are five quick facts about Nathan Fielder

Nathan Fielder has been pushing the boundaries of TV for years now. But the comedian took it to a whole new level in 2022 with The Rehearsal.

Fielder's new HBO show captivated viewers, often blurring the line of what's real and what's staged. And it left many fans wondering what we really know about the show's creator. So let's get to know Nathan Fielder.

The Rehearsal: 5 quick facts about star Nathan Fielder

5) Nathan Fielder was born in 1983 in Vancouver, Canada, to Jewish parents. And as fans of Nathan for You know... 

4) Fielder did truly go to a top business school in Canada – the University of Victoria – before moving into the comedy world.

3) Fielder actually got his start in the entertainment business by writing for Canadian Idol, Canada's version of the better-known American singing competition.

Also interesting:

2) The aspiring comedian got his big break in the 2000s on a Canadian TV comedy series called This Hour Has 22 Minutes, where he led the recurring segment "Nathan on Your Side."

1) Fielder's struggle to connect with others is at the heart of shows like Nathan for You and The Rehearsal. And while much of Fielder's life off-screen is a mystery, he did confirm in The Rehearsal that he was married once before.

Fielder and Sarah Ziolkowska tied the knot in 2011, before divorcing in 2014. The comedian's ex-wife is said to work as a librarian and reading specialist.

Nathan Fielder also confirmed in 2022 that he's in a new relationship, but his partner's identity is not known.

We're certainly counting down the days until The Rehearsal season 2.