• Season 19 of NCIS is nearing its end
  • "Torres" is featured in the latest episode
  • His character has to come to terms with his past

In the NCIS season 19 episode "Last Dance," we get a glimpse into "Nick Torres's" past, and how it still shapes his life today. "Reymundi Diaz," the notorious arms dealer, is released from prison and several bodies are found shortly afterwards. As a result, "Torres" is confronted with the consequences of his actions during an undercover operation over a year ago.

NCIS: "Torres" forced to deal with his troubled past

"Torres" has to get to safety and at the same time deal with various personal problems. He is going through a difficult time, and speaks with "Dr. Grace Confalone" about the problems that have haunted his dreams lately. Among other things, this involves the relationship with his father "Miguel".

"Miguel" had left the family when "Torres" was still a child. Therefore, the relationship between father and son is very tense. In episode 12 of season 18, "Torres" meets his father again after decades. "Torres" is then ready to give his father a second chance, but "Miguel" disappears again without saying goodbye to his son. This behaviour has "Torres" very disappointed and changed.

Also interesting:

"Torres" was recently abandoned by "Bishop"

In addition to his father and his job as a special agent, "Torres's" relationship with "Ellie Bishop" shaped his life. In season 18, something happens that many fans have been waiting for— "Torres" kisses "Bishop"! Unfortunately, this relationship does not last long, and "Bishop" leaves him. With that, two loved ones have now left him behind.

"Torres" has many burdens that he carries with him, and he was already looking for a way out by consuming alcohol. In episode 18 of season 16, "Torres" wakes up confused on an old cutter, and can't even remember how he got there. During the investigation, "Gibbs" finds out that "Torres" was an alcoholic, and may not have gotten over it yet.

"Torres's" life thus resembles a downward spiral, and it seems as if he won't make it out on his own. In further conversation with "Grace" he says that he wants to get away from alcohol and not end up like his father. Time will tell if he succeeds or if he loses control completely. Either way, exciting episodes are definitely ahead for NCIS fans!