The 19th season of NCIS will soon start in the US and then, hopefully, some unanswered questions from last season will be cleared up. First and foremost, of course, the audience wants to know what is actually happening with "Gibbs" (Mark Harmon). He stays true to NCIS, but in season 19, he might actually only be seen in a few episodes. So what's next for "Gibbs"?

NCIS: "Gibbs'" old friend "Tobias Fornell" returns in season 19

"Gibbs'" old friend "Tobias Fornell" (Joe Spano) is coming back in season 19 of NCIS. Showrunner Steven D. Binder (50) confirmed this news on Twitter. But how could this comeback be related to the plot surrounding "Gibbs"?

Many fans assume that "Gibbs" wanted to fake his own death with the explosion of his boat. "Fornell" could help his friend with this plan and cover him so he can go undercover.

In season 18, "Gibbs" was tracked down by journalist "Marcie Warren" (Pam Dawber) on the trail of a mysterious murder case, but his suspension would make an investigation quite difficult. A secret undercover mission with the support of "Fornell" and a faked death? Quite possible with NCIS...

Most recently, the first trailer for season 19, which CBS premiered on Twitter, caused many questions among fans. In the trailer, it seemed as if it were "Gibbs" back with his team.

We may already know a little more on September 20, when the new season of NCIS premieres.

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