• A fan favorite returns for the new season of NCIS 
  • Joe Spano is back
  • He was seen in a snapshot wearing a bulletproof vest

NCIS fans can rejoice as a familiar face returns for the new season. Joe Spano (76) returns to NCIS for the 20th season. The show starts as a crossover with the spinoff NCIS: Hawaii. 

"Jane Tennant" (Vanessa Lachey) and "Nick Torres" (Vilmer Valderrama) team up to clear the name of "Gibbs" replacement "Alden Parker" (Gary Cole). But they won't take on this difficult task on their own, as revealed in a first-look snapshot from the crossover. 

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"Gibbs'" (Mark Harmon) old pal "Tobias Fornell" (Joe Spano) stands by his side to help. This is the first time Joe Spano will be in front of the camera for NCIS since his brief comeback in Season 19.

A snapshot from the set shows Joe Spano

A snapshot from the set shows the actor, Katrina Law, Wilmer Valderrama, Sean Murray, and Gary Cole among others. Spano is seen wearing a bulletproof vest and smiling at the camera.

It is unknown whether "Tobias Fornell" is in danger. Fans must be patient if they want to know the character's fate. The 20th season starts in September with new episodes airing in the USA.