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"Eleanor Bishop" (Emily Wickersham) has been part of the NCIS team since season 11 of the crime procedural. Before joining "Gibbs'" (Mark Harmon) team, she worked as an NSA analyst. In fact, NCIS' "Bishop" actually applied to the Naval Criminal Investigation Service before joining the NSA but was rejected at the time.

NCIS: Bishop impressed "Gibbs"

NCIS' "Bishop" had her first appearance on the show in the ninth episode of the 11th season ("Team Player") looking for help at the NSA. After solving a case, "Gibbs" is impressed by her work and offers "Bishop" the opportunity to work as a liaison agent in his team - as we all know, she accepts the offer.

Originally, "Bishop's" time on NCIS was only planned as a three-part story arc. But she became part of the main cast after filming those three episodes, making her the fourth female team member. Her predecessors were "Vivian Blackadder" (Robyn Lively), "Caitlin Todd" (Sasha Alexander), and "Ziva David" (Coté de Pablo). 

NCIS: "Bishop" was as a great addition to the team

During her tenure on NCIS, "Bishop" has proven several times that she has a big heart. Again and again, she's shown how much she cares about the people she works with and is considered to be a very compassionate person. From the very beginning, she was a big help for the team. In the second episode of season 11, she helped free the kidnapped daughter of special agent "Tobias Fornells" (Joe Spano).

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Despite her calm nature, she is very sociable, but also very persistent in some situations. This has led to one or two arguments with her colleagues. "Ellie" always tries to keep problems to herself and, if possible, she tries to solve them on her own.

"Bishop" was actually married to "Jake Malloy" (Jamie Bamber), whom she met at the NSA, for a while but they were divorced. Ever since, the gorgeous blonde has developed feelings for her colleague "Nick Torres" (Wilmer Valderrama). 

Emily Wickersham, Cote de Pablo and Wilmer Valderrama on the set of 'NCIS'.

Could "Bishop" leave NCIS?

But there were some rumors after the NCIS season 17 fall finale that "Ellie Bishop" could be leaving the show after she received an offer from the former CIA agent "Odette" (Elayn J. Taylor) to undergo special training.

"Odette sees a lot in Bishop that she saw in Ziva, this bright young human who has great potential," NCIS executive producer Frank Cardea said to TV Insider. "She's hoping to become a mentor to her just like she was with Ziva."

Unfortunately, "Bishop" did end up exiting the show in season 18.