• The NCIS cast has featured many popular female leads
  • A recent poll saw fans vote for their favourite female agent
  • THIS character won the NCIS poll...

Over the years, NCIS has featured some absolute fan-favourite characters. More than a few of them, too, have been the show's leading women. 

From "Ziva" to "Bishop" and "Abby," these characters have been worshipped by fans and cheered on in popular NCIS romances. But which female lead in NCIS is actually the most popular with fans?

NCIS character poll: Fans vote on the best female agent

Luckily we have an answer, thanks to the show's discussion section on Reddit. The NCIS subreddit recently polled its community of over 14,000 users on their "Favorite Female NCIS Agent."

Also interesting:

Noting it would focus just on agents and not techs, the poll delivered a decisive win for one character... None other than "Ziva David" (Cote de Pablo), who collected 65% of the votes.

Here are the full results. NCIS Poll (694 votes):

1) Ziva David - 65% 2) Caitlin Todd - 16% 3) Ellie Bishop - 12% 4) Jessica Knight - 5% 5) Jenny Shepard - 2% 6) Alex Quinn - 0.6% 

The fans really like "Ziva"! While "Todd" (Sasha Alexander) and "Bishop" (Emily Wickersham) came in a distant second and third. But some fans did vote for the newest agent "Jessica Knight" (Katrina Law) as well. 

"Ziva" was last seen in NCIS season 17, after she originally exited in season 11. Clearly, the fans would like to have her back!