• The NCIS season finale aired on Monday
  • The episode even included a hot kiss
  • These two must be a couple now

Recent NCIS episodes teased a possible romance between "Jimmy Palmer" and "Jessica Knight." It all started with a date at a wedding, before the two confessed their feelings for each other.

In the NCIS season finale, things went much faster: the agents spoke up again and even kissed several times in the office. Finally, they made the relationship official by declaring it on an office form.

Not all NCIS fans are excited about the finale

It's rare to see a couple get together so fast on NCIS. After all, the two series couples "Tony" and "Ziva" as well as "Ellie" and "Nick" needed several seasons before anything happened at all.

Producer Steven D. Binder is aware of the change, telling TV Insider: "This time, we just want to go a different route and this route can go anywhere. By getting together sooner, they can break up sooner and then we can be in that space or they can be together."

He further said: "We just didn't want to slow walk the part that we've slow walked before because that enables us to get to places that we haven't done before."

These are the fan reactions to the NCIS kissing scene

NCIS fans are shocked by the speed of "Palmer" and "Knight's" relationship. On Twitter, a number of users reacted to the surprise twist.

One writes: "I haven't seen the NCIS season finale but apparently 'Knight' and 'Palmer' are kissing and I'm really pissed... We had to wait three years for a kiss between 'Gibbs' and 'Sloane' and then we got it only got it because 'Sloane' left. And now 'Palmer' and 'Knight' are kissing after two episodes?!"

Also interesting:

Another says: "I want to play the scene where 'Knight' and 'Palmer' kiss over and over again. YOU ARE SO CUTE!" 

While most viewers are excited about the relationship, some feel it was too early for the couple to commit to the personal forms.

How will the other team members react to the new couple? Fans will have to wait until next season. NCIS is already renewed for season 20 and should restart in the fall.