• Johnny Depp's testimony dismissed by insider
  • Depp and Heard's trial has gone on for weeks
  • Two additional names testifying have been revealed

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard have been going at it back and forth in court for some time now. But as the trial enters its final week, a source has shared why Depp will no longer be called to the stand again on May 25. 

Depp's testimony considered "irrelevant"

Depp has accused Heard of ruining his career because of the damaging allegations of abuse she has made against him. Heard is now countersuing Depp, and this ugly, highly publicized court battle between the two stars is entering its sixth week. However, while it was expected that Depp would once again get called to deliver his testimony for the defense, Deadline reports that this is no longer the case.


According to the unnamed insider, who is said to be close to Heard, Depp's testimony is "as relevant to us as a bicycle to a fish." Therefore, it seems unnecessary that he should take the stand again. "Everything Depp has testified up to this point has been irrelevant to the heart of this case," the source continued, "and there’s no reason to believe it would be any different now." However, this doesn't necessarily mean Depp won't be back in court.

Also interesting:

As Deadline mentions, the actor could possibly come forward to testify for his own side, depending on whether or not the plaintiff has time. If Depp were to do so, it could result in another cross-examination of him. The outlet also shared that Warner Bros. exec Walter Hamada and supermodel Kate Moss, who once dated Depp, will both testify. It looks like we'll just have to wait and see how things play out!