The new episode of NCIS "Musical Chairs" airs tonight and it will feature some exciting surprises! As far as we know, the team will investigate the murder of a musician who is a member of the Navy's elite band that performs at diplomatic events. But that's not all. It seems "Jack Sloane's" (Maria Bello) daughter "Faith" is coming back!

Who is "Jack Sloane's" daughter "Faith"?

"Faith" appeared for the first time on the show during season 16 in episode 19, titled "Perennial," where the team responds to an active shooter at a naval hospital. "Faith" happens to work as a doctor there and she is actually a very important witness for the shooting investigation.

However, things between the mother and daughter are not 100% well. We actually got to learn that "Jack" gave her up for adoption; so when they eventually meet, "Faith" clearly states she is not interested in having a relationship with her mother. "You made your choice. You don’t get to show up at my door now and pretend that you care,” she told "Sloane." And that's exactly why we are excited about her comeback. Will the tension between them disappear? 

Who plays "Jack's" daughter on NCIS? This is everything we know about her:

"Jack Sloane's" daughter "Faith" is portrayed by the gorgeous Kate Hamilton. The actress made her major breakthrough back in 2013 in one episode of Criminal Minds, where she played "Kelly;" three years later she appeared on that show again. Her amazing acting career also includes appearances in the film Grape, as well as in the television series Betrayed and The Affair.

A couple of years ago Kate Hamilton opened up about her acting career journey and revealed she was "afraid of being seen" when she started taking classes. "Any negative feedback would send me into a downward spiral. I would think ‘I’m a bad actor.’ It was terrible," she said. Good news is that she moved on and was able to deal with the ups and downs! We all have to agree with the fact that she is certainly very far from being a bad actress!