It really looks like there could be another on-screen relationship forming after "Ziva" (Coté de Pablo, 40) and "Tony" (Michael Weatherly, 51). "Eleanor Bishop" (Emily Wickersham, 35) and "Torres" (Wilmer Valderrama, 39) seem to grow closer each week. But are they just friends? Or is it more than that?

For now, the two characters have not admitted to their feelings. Instead, they are dating other people which lead to an awkward double-date situation in episode seven.

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"Torres" is currently dating "Elena", who is a little bit older and introduces "Torres" to her son: "Ricky" is - to "Torres'" surprise - a grown man! To make the situation even more complicated, "Ricky" is actually dating "Bishop".

Is "Ziva's" character coming to an end?

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NCIS: Will "Bishop" and "Torres" become a couple?

Of course, the two couples eventually run into each other at a restaurant where they then "merge" their dates. "Elena" and "Ricky" quickly notice that "Bishop" and "Torres" get along remarkably well. Instead of concentrating on their respective dates, they whisper behind menus and only have eyes for each other.

Nevertheless, their conversations revolve around the fact that they are definitely not interested in each other and everyone can date whomever they want. "Elena" and "Ricky" seem to see things differently - and at the end of the episode, both couples call it quits, which means both "Bishop" and "Torres" are back on the market.

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The complicated relationship between "Tony" and "Ziva" has proven that it is better to separate work and play. But how much longer will "Bishop" and "Torres" be able to deny their feelings for each other?

Some NCIS fans would certainly like to see a new dream couple. Ever since "Ziva" is back on the set, many viewers have been hoping that "Ziva" and "Tony" will eventually meet again - but a Michael Weatherley comeback would be necessary for that...

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