• NCIS: LA is one of the most popular shows on television
  • Daniela Ruah has been one of its stars for many years now
  • Ruah has recently delved into a certain issue with the show's writing

More often than not, TV shows and movies take a whole lot of liberties in order to tell their stories. This can mean divorcing itself from reality for the sake of the action. NCIS: LA is certainly no exception to this rule, being one of the biggest shows on television.

Daniela Ruah knows a thing or two about making television

However, there is one major plot hole that seems to plague the show in every single episode. Daniela Ruah is now shedding light on this. The actress was asked by TVLine why the agents always announce themselves directly to their suspects, giving them the chance to escape.

Also interesting:

Because in the show, when the characters meet their villains they identify themselves as federal agents from afar, and of course, the suspects then run away. The pursuit that follows is usually very action-packed and exciting - but why is it handled that way at all?

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