His daughter has disappeared

'NCIS: L.A.': Is "Sam's" Past Catching Up With Him?

LL Cool J plays "Sam Hanna" on NCIS: L.A.

At NCIS: L.A. things get really exciting: "Sam's" daughter has been kidnapped and the team is pulling out all the stops to find her. The question also arises: Does the kidnapping have anything to do with "Sam's" job? 

Once again, the NCIS: L.A. team has to solve a case that affects one of the members personally: "Sam's" (LL Cool J) daughter has been kidnapped. The team is looking for her in the new episode "The Frogman's Daughter," which will air in the U.S. on February 14th. 

After a phone call with her father "Sam", whom "Kam" wanted to visit soon, she was last attacked by a stranger. A first assumption is, of course, that "Sam's" daughter, played by Kayla Smith, was the target of the attackers in connection with her father's work. 

NCIS: L.A. - "Sam" needs to find his daughter

After all, "Sam" at NCIS: L.A. had to free his son from his archenemy "Tahir Khaled". In addition, "Khaled" killed "Hanna's" wife. Even if the terrorist was killed, "Kam's" kidnapping could have a connection to him or to "Sam's" other enemies. 

NCIS Special Agent "Nicole DeChamps" (far right) celebrated her comeback at 'NCIS: L.A'.

But fans have another theory emerging, that you can see in a trailer for the new episode. Because "Kam" has a "secret life" that comes to light during the investigation. Could that be the reason for her kidnapping?

In the promo, the team can be seen using all their technological efforts to find her and come across a social media world of "Kam's" that her dad "Sam" had no idea about. It had him so upset he yelled, "What else did she lie to me about?"

Could she have been kidnapped because of her passionate protests? Or is it because of this "secret life" she had?

"Sam" and "Callen" can be seen chasing someone down, with "Sam's" eyes filled with anger. He has already had to go through something similar before. 

Whoever is behind the kidnapping, fans hope that "Kam" will be found quickly."Poor 'Sam'. After everything he had to go through with his wife, he can't go through this again, " one fan wrote on the official Instagram.

On February 14, viewers in the USA will find out whether "Sam" can actually free his daughter or as "Callen" can be heard saying, "We may never find her." Check out the promo for the next episode here: