• "Hetty" at NCIS: LA has been in Syria
  • Now a drone attack was reported there
  • Is Linda Hunt leaving the popular series?

NCIS: LA fans have barely seen "Hetty" (Linda Hunt) for a while now. The agent is in Syria, but a drone attack was reported there. In the new episode from March 13, "Callen" (Chris O'Donnell) worries about his boss.

Attack in Syria: Will "Hetty" be OK? 

After a drone attack, there is no trace of "Hetty." She had even met with an Al-Qaeda member at the same location shortly before the attack. "Hetty" negotiated with him about the release of hostages, but she has since disappeared and her team doesn't know what happened. Scary!

Also interesting:

It's quite possible that "Hetty" herself is responsible for the drone attack. However, she could also have been surprised by a military strike. Although she was not among the victims of the attack, the NCIS team is unsure of her well-being.

Is Linda Hunt a.k.a. "Hetty" leaving NCIS: LA?

NCIS: LA has shown less and less of "Hetty" in recent months. Naturally, fans are worried the story in Syria could be a conclusion for the character. After all, actress Linda Hunt is no longer the youngest at 76 and could exit the show.

Linda Hunt could follow Mark Harmon, who recently left his NCIS role as "Gibbs." There is already a replacement for her: "Admiral Kilbride" (Gerald McRaney) has taken over as leader of the team.

With "Hetty," we'll have to wait and see how it all plays out. NCIS: LA season 13 returns this Sunday, March 20.