We're sure that NCIS and JAG fans everywhere will be over the moon when they read this. David James Elliott (58) will once again be gracing our TV screens as "Captain Harmon Rabb Jr." According to the Hollywood Reporter, he will be appearing in several Navy CIS: L.A. episodes. 

 David James Elliott will be back on NCIS: Los Angeles as "Harmon Rabb" 

"Harmon Rabb" will be appearing in several episodes of Navy CIS: L.A.. The first episode starring David James Elliott will be broadcast on 12th May and we can't wait!

The episodes main plot revolves around a group of ISIS sympathizers who are planning an attack on a US aircraft carrier. "Callan" (Chris O'Donell, 48) and "Sam" (LL Cool J, 51) have to work with "Harmon Rabb" to foil the it. 

David James Elliott played "Harmon Robb" in the series JAG from 1995 to 2005. NCIS is actually a spin-off of JAG which, as we all know, gave birth to its very own spin-offs NCIS: L.A. and NCIS: New Orleans.