Wilmer Valderrama (39) recently posted two new photos to make the hearts of all NCIS fans beat faster. The pictures show the actor sitting in a car together with his co-stars Emily Wickersham (35) and Coté de Pablo (39).

NCIS star Wilmer Valderrama posts picture with Coté de Pablo

So far, the NCIS stars have held back with pictures and spoilers regarding "Ziva's" return. Most recently, a photo posted by Wilmer from the first table read for the 17th season of NCIS left many questions unanswered since it did not include Coté de Pablo. Now the actor who plays "Torres" clears up all the rumors.

"I’m just gonna leave this over here.... Tuesday, September 24.. #NCIS", writes Wilmer Valderrama about the snapshots and adds "#ZIVA" to the hashtags. With it, the actor makes clear that "Ziva" will definitely be part of the first episode of the new NCIS season.

The photo could also be a hint as to the plot of season 17, since "Ziva" has only been seen with "Gibbs" (Mark Harmon) so far. So she could join the rest of the team in the new episode and work together with "Bishop" and "Torres".

However, the picture doesn't seem to have been taken directly on the set. The official NCIS Instagram page commented the photo with "#CarpoolGoals". It remains to be seen whether we will actually see "Torres" and "Bishop" in a scene with "Ziva" soon.

Mark Harmon Coté de Pablo 2009

How big of a part will "Ziva" play...?!

'NCIS': First Look At Season 17 Stirs Wild Speculations

What will happen to "Ziva" in NCIS?

NCIS has already been teasing a storyline with a first picture from the new season. It shows "Ziva" and "Gibbs", who has a wound on his head. Things seem to be heating up in the first episode of season 17.

"Ziva" might not be around for that long in the upcoming season. So far, the producers have only confirmed Coté de Pablo for two episodes and as a guest for season 17. The new episodes will start airing on CBS on September 24.