"Leroy Jethro Gibbs" (Mark Harmon, 68) is said to return more forceful than ever in NCIS' 18th season, as producer Frank Cardea has now announced while talking to TVInsider. The fearless agent is expected to be confronted with his feelings more and more in the new NCIS episodes.

NCIS Season 18: What's next?

In season 17, "Gibbs" had to deal with the surprise return of his protege, former agent "Ziva David" (Cote de Pablo, 40). However, it still remains to be seen if we can expect another appearance of "Ziva" in season 18.

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The plot lines, which had to be moved up due to the pandemic, are going continue. Back in 17, "Gibbs" really opened up to "McGee" (Sean Murray, 42) for the first time and spoke about his own war experiences.

Producer Frank Cardea explained that in the new season, "Gibbs" will show even more emotions: "He's still the cowboy we all know and love…but he's no longer only the cowboy."

NCIS Season 18: "Gibbs'" secret will be revealed

According to TVInsider, the biggest milestone of the crime procedural, the 400th episode, will reveal to the fans how "Gibbs" first came into the NCIS world and how he met his long-time colleague "Ducky Mallard" (David McCallum, 86).

David McCallum has played "Ducky Mallard" on NCIS since 2003.

It has also been confirmed that a big mystery from the 16th season will finally be solved. Back then,"Gibbs disappeared in the middle of an investigation. According to producer Cardea, "Gibbs'" actions were not accurately explained:

"Let's just say he didn't walk out in the middle of a case because it was sturgeon season or because Emily Fornell [the daughter of his good friend] left rehab. We are looking forward to paying this storyline off."

NCIS: Mark Harmon talks "Gibbs'" future

In season 16 of NCIS, the popular character revealed his darkest secret. He told his team and his therapist "Dr. Grace Confalone" (Laura San Giacomo, 57) that he had killed the man responsible for the murder of his wife and child. How exactly the start of the new season will look like and how "Gibbs" will deal with his feelings remains to be seen!