The 18th season of NCIS is coming up. That has now been confirmed. But another question that many fans are dying to know the answer to is whether there will finally be a reunion of "Ziva David" (Coté de Pablo, 40) and "Tony DiNozzo" (Michael Weatherly, 51).

Currently, a scenario seems plausible in which the pair will form part of the story of the new episodes in season 18 - but viewers will hardly or maybe even never get to see them.

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NCIS: Why a "Ziva" and "Tony" comeback is difficult

The problem with new episodes of NCIS, in which "Ziva" and "Tony" play leading roles, is on the one hand that Michael Weatherly's schedule is actually full. The actor has been in front of the camera for years in the series Bull. On the other hand, the storyline of "Ziva" and "Tony" seems to be simply told already.

Cote de Pablo and Michael Weatherly on the red carpet
NCIS stars Michael Weatherly ("Tony") and Cote De Pablo ("Ziva")

At the end of the 17th season - attention spoilers - a reunion between the couple was hinted at. "Ziva", who was thought to be dead but then had returned during the season, had made her way to the airport to meet "Tony" and their daughter "Tali" in Paris.

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It was a longed-awaited happy ending for the two characters - even if Michael Weatherly made a strange hint on Twitter regarding the "Ziva" reunion, alluding to the fact that the meeting might not have happened after all. As a viewer you don't get to see anything about the events in Paris.

Coté de Pablo as "Ziva David" on NCIS

This could be the future of "Ziva" and "Tony"

However, if you assume that the reunion has taken place, the makers of the series probably lack the material for a more in-depth storyline, if "Ziva's" and "Tony's" life shouldn't take another dramatic turn. You can imagine that the rest of the NCIS-team will talk about the two of them from time to time and thus bring us up to speed concerning new events in their lives - just like they already did at the end of season 17.

That way, fans wouldn't have to say goodbye to "Ziva" and "Tony" completely. They would still be a part of NCIS - albeit without a comeback to our TV screens.