51-year-old Pauley Perrette is best known for her role of "Abby Sciuto" on the hit television series NCIS. The show which started in 2003 is currently in its 17th season! While Pauley was busy making a name for herself on NCIS, she was also in the middle of a marriage to Canadian musician Coyote Shivers!

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Coyote Shivers

54-year-old Coyote Shivers got his start in the music industry co-producing singles for the band Shadowy Man on a Shadowy Planet. The musician has also played guitar for bands including Sharkskin and KISS.

The musician has three albums of his own now, including his debut album Coyote Shivers. He is best known for songs including "Sugarhigh", "The Time They Threw That Party", and "I Wanna Remember Tonight". 

Pauley Perrette and Coyote Shivers

Pauley met Coyote not long after he ended his first marriage with model and singer Bebe Buell. The pair married within the year in 2000, and it didn't take long after their marriage for tension to grow between the couple. 

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Having accused Shivers of physical, sexual, and psychological abuse, the couple eventually split in 2004, and finalized their divorce in 2006. Pauley isn't Shivers' only partner to accuse him of abuse, his first wife and ex-girlfriend Angela Garber have both come out with statements against him! 

Pauley Perrette Today

While her ex-husband has since remarried and then later divorced Brazilian journalist Mayra Dias Gomes, Perrette is currently in a happy and healthy relationship with Melrose Place actor Thomas Arklie.  

The couple has been engaged since 2011, but the actress, an active member of LGBT rights organizations, refuses to get married until legal protections are in place for same-sex couples. 

Pauley Perrette Age NCIS Star 2020

What is "Abby Sciuto" doing these days?

'NCIS' Star Pauley Perrette: What Is She Up To In 2020?