Cote de Pablo visited Build in September 2019 to discuss NCIS.

Marriage? "Eventually, I think it will happen… "

'NCIS' Star Coté de Pablo: What "Ziva" Thinks About Marriage And Family

From the very beginning it was announced that "Ziva" (Cote de Pablo) would only return for four episodes to NCIS. She appeared for the last time in the episode "In the Wind," where she travelled to Paris to meet her family again; fans believed she had a reunion with "Tony" (Michael Weatherly.)  

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Now Michael Weatherly has given a very strange hint about his reunion with de Pablo's character on the show.

Michael Weatherly hints at possible "Ziva" reunion

Michael Weatherly is now causing confusion with a very strange tweet, where he suggested that a family reunion between his character and de Pablo's didn't actually happen. Is he telling us there was no reunion and happy ending with "Ziva"?

Read his tweet here:

Will we be able to see "Tony"and "Ziva" together again?

Let's not forget the fact that "Ziva" was believed to be dead for a long time and eventually made a comeback in the series. Is there any chance for us to see "Ziva" and "Tony" together in NCIS again? The only way of knowing is by staying tuned!