Coté de Pablo (40) was in a relationship with actor Diego Serrano (46) for a long time - they were a couple for fifteen years. But in 2015, their relationship came to an end. Since then, not much is known about "Ziva's" love life.

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Over the years, she has repeatedly revealed details about her wishes for the future in various interviews and it becomes apparent that she's definitely a family person. Here's what she once told TV presenter Rachael Ray about marriage and children:

"Eventually, I think it will happen… Things have been slow to come. I think happily they will come when the time is right."

NCIS: Coté de Pablo knows what kind of man she wants

What kind of man would be the right one for Coté de Pablo's future children? In 2010, the NCIS actress revealed to Watch! what she values in a relationship:

"One of the things I love is just being able to have a conversation with somebody, being able to be vulnerable and to feel somebody else's vulnerability. And more so than that, to find the fun and the laughter. If you can laugh with a person, everything's fine."

She raved about her ex-boyfriend Diego Serrano while they were still in a relationship. What she liked most about him was that he made her life more exciting, as she told Prevention in 2012:

"Every once in a while, he turns to me and goes, 'Live a little.' I'll have chicken with broccoli and he's like, 'What about the chocolate cake?' If it weren't for him, I'd be the most boring person in Los Angeles."

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Coté de Pablo: When will she find love again?

But when will Coté de Pablo find her dream beau? That still remains to be seen. Watch out for SPOILERS now, in case you are not caught up on NCIS' season 17 and "Ziva's" story with "Tony" (Michael Weatherly).

"Ziva" on NCIS got back together with her little family in the current season. In her last episode, she boarded a plane to Paris to be reunited with "Tony" and their daughter "Tali".