"Anthony 'Tony' DiNozzo" (Michael Weatherly, 51) was the former Senior Field Agent at NCIS for the Major Case Response Team of "Gibbs" (Mark Harmon, 68). Together with his colleagues "Timothy McGee" (Sean Murray, 42), "Eleanor Bishop" (Emily Wickersham, 35) and more, he solved murders from 2003 to 2016. After season 13 he quit. Later "Tony" sometimes still appeared in a guest role on NCIS.

"Tony" studied at Ohio State University and graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Physical Education. He then worked as a police officer in Homicide. His specialty: ballistics and crime scene sketching. In the last episode of the fifth season he is transferred to the USS Ronald Reagan, but then returned to the Washington Field Office. 

NCIS - "Tony's" relationship with "Ziva"

"Tony" has Italian roots, he is a true romantic and flirted with his female colleagues or even suspects again and again. His relationship with "Ziva David" (Coté de Pablo, 40) had a special influence on the series. Their connection was very complicated and a constant back and forth. Fans were repeatedly teased about a relationship between the two.

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The connection between "Tony" and "Ziva" developed in the third season. Although it wasn't very romantic at first, "Tony" and "Ziva" still made numerous appearances together in the fourth season. Over the course of the show, their feelings for each other developed and became stronger and stronger.

In the episode "The Joker", "Tony" even confessed (under the influence) the truth that he could not live without "Ziva" and how important she is to him. However, the two were never an official couple BUT they have a daughter named "Tali" together, who the agent didn't know about until the end of season 13.

NCIS: "Tony" and His exes

"Ziva" wasn't the only woman in all the NCIS years who turned "Tony's" head. Over the course of season four, "Jeanne Benoit" (Scottie Thompson, 38) was his girlfriend. The relationship ended, however, when the intern found out that he was a secret agent. She blamed him for the murder of her father.

Also, "Caitlin Todd" (Sasha Alexander, 46) initially had a relationship with "Tony". But with the time, their relationship became more and more like a sibling relationship. They constantly teased each other and were in competition.

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With "Erica Jane Barrett" (Sarah Jane Morris, 42) he started a relationship in the eighth season. This relationship failed after some time. After "Erica" was tortured by a killer, she disappeared. She reappeared later, but she and "Tony" thought it was best to remain just friends.

His first appearance in the series was on the episode titled "Air Force One". His last appearance was in the episode, "Family First." After that he was a guest on the show a few more times. Michael Weatherly made an NCIS comeback in season 17. Unfortunately, they didn't actually show the actor in the episode, "Tony" just made a phone call to "Ziva". 

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