After "Ziva" (probably) said farewell to NCIS for good this week, the NCIS producers have recently revealed that a recurring character will actually be returning to the popular show. Robert Wagner is coming back to the CBS drama as "Anthony DiNozzo Senior" "in an episode coming up shortly," as the executive producer Frank Cardea told TV Insider.

NCIS Producer Frank Cardea: "Tony Senior" will be "telling [...] the story of the case"

Cardea continued: "He [Robert Wagner] is introduced on a personal nature and then gets involved in the telling of the story of the case." That still sounds a little cryptic, but fans are sure hoping that "Tony's" father might reveal some new facts about "Tony" and "Ziva's" relationship. Did "Tony Senior" maybe also know that "Ziva" was alive the whole time?

Robert Wagner: "Tony's" father last appeared in season 16

Until now, Wagner has appeared as "Anthony DiNozzo Senior" in 13 NCIS episodes. His last guest appearance on the show was in episode 16 of season 16 ("Bears and Cubs") and we already know that he is in touch with his son - another sign that he could shed some light on what "Tony" has been doing. 

Maybe we will even get a glimpse of Michael Weatherly's character this time, after "Ziva" and "Tony's" reunion in the winter premiere happened off screen, unfortunately!

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And NCIS producer Steven D. Binder had another teaser for the fans: "We've been laying some Easter eggs starting with Jen Corbett's "Crossing the Line" episode last year about an arc we're building towards."

We will have to wait and see how Robert Wagner's return to the show plays out! NCIS Season 17 Episode 12 ("Flight Plan") airs on Tuesday January 14, 2020 at 8pm (7 central) on CBS.

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