The 17th season of NCIS came to an end a couple of weeks ago. As many fans know, the season had to be cut short because of the coronavirus crisis. It's still unclear when the actors will be able to work on set again. However, it was recently confirmed that NCIS will be back for season 18.

NCIS Season 18: What we know so far

What exactly will take place in NCIS' 18th season remains a mystery, of course. However, NCIS producers Gina Monreal and Frank Cardea have given some insight into the plot in an interview with TVInsider

There's actually a big anniversary coming up for the show, with the 400th episode airing during season 18. For this event, the writers have come up with an episode that will explore the relationship of two NCIS veterans.

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"It's a very special episode. It's about 'Gibbs' (Mark Harmon) and 'Ducky' (David McCallum) and how they met. A case brings them back to 20 years earlier," explains Cardea. In addition to the 400th episode, there will also be an episode mainly about "McGee" (Sean Murray) and his wife "Delilah" (Margo Harshman).

NCIS Season 18: What will happen to "Gibbs"?

In addition, the storyline about the counterfeit opioids case will be taken up again. "Gibbs" is looking for the drug dealer that caused "Fornell's" (Joe Spano) daughter to overdose. Could that mean that he will finally find the person responsible?

"Gibbs" will apparently go through some changes in season 18 as well. "[...] he's going to start talking about his feelings. We're seeing a softer side to Gibbs, for sure," Cardea says. A possible return of "Ziva" (Cote de Pablo) is also discussed in the interview, but the producers are playing it close to the vest.

"Ziva" returns in season 17 of NCIS. And "McGee" is not too happy about her leaving him in the dark...

NCIS Season 18: Could "Ziva" return (again)?

"Gina came up with the basic arc of what the four episodes were going to be. We'd only continue that arc as long as Gina's willing to do it," explains Gina Monreal's co-producer. So maybe we could really see Cote de Pablo on screen again? Only time will tell!