• 'NCIS' will carry on very soon
  • The 21st season is coming very soon
  • THIS is what we know so far

'NCIS' continues to be one of the most popular and beloved television dramas all over the world. And now the show has been announced to return to screens very soon. The famous crime fighting series has been extended to a 21st season and this promises to be one of the most exciting ones. Producers have released some information about the new season that already has fans talking, and this is what we know about the new episodes so far.

Season 20 ended on a massive cliffhanger when "Torres" encountered an older man and pointed his gun at him. The two characters obviously have a connection that will have to be explained in the new episodes, and fans can't wait. 

The show is back in full force

Many have commented online that they suspect the mystery character could be a former stepfather, who treated "Torres" or his mother badly. If this is true, we can look forward to many a trip into the past of "Nick Torres".

Besides him, "Palmer" and "Knight" will also be in the center of the action. The two characters started a relationship and between them it seems to get really serious in the new season. However, fans of the series already know that a relationship on 'NCIS' never goes off without a hitch, and so the drama is guaranteed! 

Although it has not yet been confirmed which stars will return, the following actors are more than likely to be back: 

  • Sean Murray - "Special Agent Timothy McGee" 
  • Wilmer Valderrama - "Special Agent Nick Torres"
  • Katrina Law - "Special Agent Jessica Knight"
  • Brian Dietzen - "Medical Examiner Dr. Jimmy Palmer" 
  • David McCallum - "NCIS Historian Dr. Donald 'Ducky'Mallard" 

Also interesting:

Normally, every time there is a new season of 'NCIS' coming out, it premieres in the fall in the United States. Although there are no exact dates announced yet, this time the start of the new season could actually be postponed. This is due to the infamous strike on Hollywood, as members of SAG-AFTRA are still in protest, which is why many productions and shoots are at a standstill. 

The strike seems to have no end in sight just yet, even though producers remain hopeful. But many in Hollywood are preparing for the long haul. And this would be the case, even for landmark productions like 'NCIS.' That being said, fans are very optimistic that the show will carry on as planned. It's tradition after all!