• Gary Cole now stars as "Parker" on NCIS
  • Is the long-time actor married in real life?
  • This is Cole's wife Michelle Knapp

Gary Cole is quickly winning over fans on NCIS. His "Alden Parker" took over after the exit of "Gibbs" actor Mark Harmon. Naturally, fans are curious about the NCIS newcomer. Let's get to know his real-life partner.

NCIS actor Gary Cole is married to second wife Michelle Knapp

Gary Cole, 65, is a long-time film and TV star. He was married to actress Teddi Siddall for 25 years, but their relationship ended a bit mysteriously.

Teddi Siddall filed for divorce in 2017, but she ended up passing away just a few months later. Her cause of death, at age 64, was never confirmed publicly. Cole has since remarried.

In 2021, Gary Cole tied the knot with his wife Michelle Knapp. It looks like they were dating for several years before, too. Cole pops up in many photos on Knapp's Instagram page dating back to 2018.

NCIS star Gary Cole and wife Michelle Knapp

Gary Cole's wife Michelle Knapp describes herself on Instagram as an interior designer, artist, and model. They were married last summer, at which time Michelle wrote online: "It was nothing but family, friends, love, joy, laughter and fun."

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The NCIS actor isn't on social media himself, so personal life updates are limited to his wife Michelle's social media. But Gary Cole does also have a daughter named Mary from his first marriage.

After many years in popular movies, Gary Cole has now been working more in television recently. And it looks like he's found a home at NCIS.