The NCIS creators are facing the wrath of fans after the exit of "Gibbs."

Actor Mark Harmon left the show this month after 19 seasons, and the first episode afterward lined up a replacement almost immediately. Ex-FBI agent "Alden Parker" (Gary Cole) is on the verge of becoming the new NCIS boss, and some fans are unhappy.

Trouble with new NCIS team leader: showrunner speaks out 

Many viewers are outraged about the choice of new team leader, especially after they'd been previously assured that Gary Cole's casting didn't mean he was replacing Harmon.

If it were up to certain fans, "McGee" (Sean Murray) would get the job — but showrunner Steven Binder isn't buying this argument.

An angry fan wrote to him on Twitter: "You flat out lied to us! You said Parker was not a replacement for Gibbs - that is exactly what you were planning.

"2nd beef: Gibbs would have never recommended Parker over McGee for leader. The job should have been McGee's!"

Binder answered the fan: "I, personally, would not presume to think Gibbs recommended Parker *over* McGee. I would like to think Gibbs and McGee had plenty of time to talk about the future and what McGee told Torres on the stake-out... Gibbs already knew."

Perhaps this statement cheers up NCIS fans a little? Who knows, maybe the tide could still turn again in the course of the season.

The NCIS creators certainly don't have an easy task in moving the show forward without "Gibbs." But, at the same time, a portion of the fanbase is already warming up to "Parker," who appears very close to becoming the official boss at NCIS.

There's no new episode this Monday as NCIS season 19 will return on Nov. 1.

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