• NCIS goes on without "Leroy Gibbs"
  • The stars tell how the series still works without him
  • Gary Cole replaces Mark Harmon

At the end of 2021, Mark Harmon surprisingly left his role as "Gibbs", on NCIS. Thankfully, rumors that the show would fall apart after his exit, fortunately, proved to be wrong.

Season 19 also saw the addition of "Alden Parker" (Gary Cole) and "Jessica Knight" (Katrina Law) to the cast. In the bonus material of the DVD release of the new season, the two actors reveal how the team continues to keep its cohesion even without "Gibbs".

NCIS star Katrina Law reveals her favorite episode

NCIS star Katrina Law (36) reveals: "My favorite script so far is the one where we are all in a boat. That was the first time post-Gibbs that you saw the team come together to become what we are now."

Despite everything, the rules of their former team leader are still very relevant. Especially "Gibbs'" Rule 15: to always work as a team. 

The actress said that she will continue to adhere to this rule, "Yes, we are a team. We care about each other and, eventually, we are all going to love each other as a dysfunctional little family."

This is why audiences can still relate well to the characters, according to executive producer Scott Williams: "It's fun for our audience to feel that the old family is still very much in the room."

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NCIS character "Alden Parker" replaced "Leroy Gibbs"

"Alden Parker" took over as leader of the team, replacing Mark Harmon's role as special agent "Leroy Gibbs". According to him, it works just as well behind the scenes. "I think we found the right balance of being able to be loose and fun and joke around with each other and then get down to it when we have to get down to it," says Gary Cole (65).

Following in Mark Harmon's footsteps was certainly no easy task, but he still doesn't lose sight of having fun. "It's a fun place to come to work. Let's put it that way."