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And what about the spark between "Sloane" & "Gibbs"?

'NCIS': Maria Bello Reveals New Details About "Ziva's" Return

Fans were really excited to watch NCIS's season 16 final episode but they didn't expect to see "Ziva" (Cote de Pablo) in it! It seems that CBS decided to bring the character back, opening up the possibility of an official return for season 17. Cote De Pablo left NCIS in season 11 and fans have been wondering why she made that decision and what she is doing now. It seems that 6 seasons later there is the chance of seeing her in the show again, and we are already curious about the future of the character.

The NCIS cast member who had no idea about "Ziva's" return

However, not only fans were shocked after "Ziva" appeared on screen this time, other NCIS cast members were surprised by the finale twist, showing that NCIS really knows how to keep a secret. Diona Reasonover who plays the role of "Kasie" in the show said that she was as surprised as all the viewers after seeing "Ziva" in the last episode of season 16. During an Instagram Live stream she explained to fans that she had no idea about Cote de Pablo's character comeback and that she only learned about it when she was watching the episode: "I was watching it just like everybody else, I had looked down from my screen to type something, and I heard 'hello, Gibbs', I was screaming just like everybody else!"

Fans will know more about "Ziva's" return in September

As of today, details about "Ziva's" return are still a mystery, and the only way of finding out what will happen is by staying tuned. NCIS's new season is currently being produced and is set to premiere in September. Diona Reasonover couldn't help to share her excitement about it on Instagram a couple of days ago.