Pauley Perrette spent 15 very successful years playing "Abby Sciuto" on one of the most popular network TV shows of the 21st century: NCIS. But it seems that by now, Perrette is enjoying the fact that she gets to be on a sitcom instead of a crime procedural, as she revealed when speaking to USA Today recently. 

Pauley Perrette wants to "bring people joy" with Broke

"It's such a weird time for everybody. I was already so excited about people seeing our show because it's my favorite show I've ever done, so funny, sweet and awesome. [...] When we're in times like these, when your job is specifically to bring people joy, that's a great job."

But it's not like comedy is totally new territory for her - before she starred as "Abby", she actually had guest roles in shows such as Frasier and The Drew Carey Show. "I came from comedy. They took me from comedy to be like the comic relief on that military show about murder."

Perrette left "that show" in 2018 and in June 2019 claimed in a number of Tweets that she exited NCIS after an on-set dog-bite and multiple physical assaults. She added that she was "terrified of Harmon" and would never return to the show, ever.

"That is a part of my past now," Perrette said, "and it's nothing that I have any need to talk about again, other than one thing: I'm certainly grateful for having the opportunity to play that character and I always will be."

Sounds like she has really left "Abby" behind and is truly happy in her new job - good for her!