• The Netflix film Luckiest Girl Alive is in the top 10
  • Mila Kunis is the main character in the movie
  • The film polarizes the public


The Netflix movie Luckiest Girl Alive, starring Mila Kunis (39) is about “Ani”, who at first glance leads the perfect life: she's attractive, a successful editor, and will soon marry a famous and very wealthy athlete. 

But she has been living with trauma for years. As a teenager, portrayed in the film by Chiara Aurelia, she was raped several times. By boys she thought were her friends.

Luckiest Girl Alive: Too brutal?

These scenes are shown, in the Netflix movie, very explicitly and without any trigger warning, which made many viewers uncomfortable.

While the beginning of each movie and series on Netflix does display a small indicator in the upper left corner that tells you which trigger warnings apply, the indicator disappears after a few seconds and is barely noticeable.

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Other difficult topics are also discussed in the Netflix production.  Shortly after the traumatic experience, "Ani" meets her next fate: a rampage is committed at her school.

These scenes are also not downplayed and very explicit. Viewers are now complaining through Twitter. For example, one user says: "The assault scene is so harrowing and long and realistic and has NO trigger warnings."

Many are expecting a correction and a statement from Netflix, as the film crossed a line for many users. Even with the series Dead Girls Don't Lie there were discussions about the brutality of the scenes. In the teen drama, however, there was a huge trigger warning in advance.