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Top 10 Netflix Original Series to Watch in 2019

Netflix's new fact-based rape drama Unbelievable is already critically acclaimed after only being on the streaming platform for five days. The limited series tells the true story of Marie, who is "a survivor of sexual assault who recanted her story after detectives, and even some of those closest to her, cast doubt on her version of the events," according to Entertainment Weekly

Unbelievable has very strong cast

The series features an outstanding cast with the leads being Kaitlyn Dever (Marie), Merritt Wever and Toni Collette. The woman who inspired the series has spoken out after watching it herself and says that she feels "closure" according to a reporter who covered her story.

Real-life Marie called the show "excellent" 

Ken Armstrong co-wrote the Pulitzer Prize-winning piece that Unbelievable is based on and he shared his reaction to the series as well as the reaction of the real-life Marie. "Two weeks ago I got a call, from Marie. She told me she had just watched the series. Watching it was hard, she said. 'I did cry quite a bit,' she said. But she had decided she wanted to and was glad that she did. She called the show 'excellent,'" according to EW

Marie gets "closure" from the series

In particular, the real-life Marie said that the Kaitlyn Dever portrayal of her on the show was "perfect", especially how she captured her struggle. Marie was able to get some closure after watching the series. According to Armstrong, "watching the last episode, watching the re-creation of the Colorado detectives closing in, provided Marie something she didn't expect. 'Seeing him get put away, that was closure for me,' she said." Unbelievable is streaming now on Netflix. 

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