• Little People, Big World returns in May 2022
  • The season 23 trailer has been released
  • Matt and Zach Roloff are still fighting

Little People, Big World season 23 is just a few weeks away. TLC dropped a new trailer for the Roloff family reality show, and it's looking as dramatic and action-packed as ever. Here's what to expect in the new LPBW season.

Little People, Big World season 23 preview is stressful!

In the new preview, Matt and Zach Roloff are still feuding about the farm. The father-son tension leads Zach's wife Tori to admit: "I was extremely uncomfortable. I just didn't want to be there at all."

Also interesting:

Later on, Amy and Chris (who recently married) pay a visit to Matt and Caryn — and it looks like things get awkward! "To now hang out with my ex and his girlfriend... just too much history for me," Amy says.

Other suspenseful moments include a fire at Roloff Farms, and Zach and Tori's son Jackson undergoing an operation on his legs. But there's also baby news, birthdays, and happy moments to come.

We'll sure be watching Little People, Big World season 23. New episodes return to TLC and Discovery+ on May 17.