This week, Chloé Zhao's highly anticipated film, Nomadland, will hit the big screen during the Toronto Film Festival, and critics are already raving about Frances McDormand's performance!

The Oscar-winning actress is no stranger to artistic and well-thought-out roles, appearing in multiple indie films, as well as commercial successes. 

Frances McDormand stuns again

Frances McDormand stuns again in the latest teaser for Nomadland, which follows "Fern", a woman who decided everywhere, and yet nowhere, is home.

Frances McDormand speaks onstage at "Three Billboards Outside Of Ebbing, Missouri" press conference during 2017 Toronto International Film Festival.

This idea was prompted after "Fern's" Nevada home was hit with economic strife, causing her to pack up in her van and hit the road. McDormand will star alongside real-life nomads, as the film follows them across America's west.

Nomadland will debut at the Toronto Film Festival this week, however, won't officially hit theatres until December 4, 2020.

Watch the full teaser below: