• 'Pirates of the Caribbean' reboot is in the works
  • There will be a sixth movie in the film franchise 
  • The film will have a new cast

Ahoy, Mateys! The Jolly Roger is hoisted once more as the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' franchise prepares to embark on a brand new adventure, leaving behind the iconic Johnny Depp and his legendary portrayal of "Captain Jack Sparrow." Producer Jerry Bruckheimer has dropped the cannonball: a sixth movie is on the horizon, and it's all hands on deck for a complete reboot!

Movie news:

New faces on the deck

Bruckheimer spills the doubloons to ComicBook.com, declaring a new cast will steer the ship. Fans are left to wonder: who will claim the helm of this beloved vessel? Depp, during the tumultuous defamation trial with ex-wife Amber Heard, revealed his severed ties with Disney, and even a treasure chest of "$300 million and a million alpacas" couldn't lure him back to the franchise he once commandeered.

Margot Robbie had fans swabbing the decks in anticipation for a female-fronted pirate epic, but alas, the winds have shifted, and that ship has sailed, leaving Robbie to tell 'Vanity Fair' that Disney has scuttled the project.

Charting a new course

Scripting the reboot are Craig Mazin, the mastermind behind 'The Last of Us,' and Ted Elliot, returning from the original series. Despite the 2023 WGA strike throwing a wrench in the works, Mazin assures a "fantastic script" awaits. But with no compass pointing to a release date, title, or director, fans are left scanning the horizon for any sign of this new Pirates chapter.

With the promise of fresh seas and a new crew, the question remains: will this reboot capture the magic of the original, or will it be lost to the depths? Only time will tell if this new voyage will bring treasure or end up in Davy Jones' Locker.

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