One of the most popular series on television in the first decade of the 21st century will return to the small screen. Through a strange post on his social networks, actor Dominic Purcell confirmed the rumor that a sixth season of the hit prison drama is already in the works. "Will season pb 6 happen. Yes..." the Englishman wrote in a cryptic message on Instagram. Prison Break ended its run in 2017.

Dominic Purcell confirms the return of Prison Break

Just a few months from his last on-screen appearance with the series Batwoman, actor Dominic Purcell confirmed to his followers on social media that he will soon return to television with one of his most requested projects: the sixth season of Prison Break.

"Rumor number 1. I’m old. Yes. I’m 50.....Rumor number 2. I’m bald. No I have a full head of hair; the people demand I shave it. Rumor number 3, Will season pb 6 happen. Yes.....Rumor number 4. Do I like humans? No. Not on mass. Definitely not," wrote the actor.

Although in 2019, FOX executives commented that a sixth season of the hit Emmy-nominated prison drama was not in their plans, Purcell's message seems to indicate otherwise. At the moment, the network has not commented on Purcell's statement.

Prison Break: an unexpected return

In 2005, Prison Break hit television screens with one of the most acclaimed and watched premiere episodes of the year. However, the success of the FOX show was short-lived.

Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell in a promotional image for the 'Prison Break' series.

Despite being nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Dramatic Series for its first season, the series experienced declines in viewership over the years, leading to its cancellation in 2009.

Almost a decade later, in 2017, Fox announced a fifth season of the series with nine episodes that showed what had become of "Michael Scofield" (Wentworth Miller) and "Lincoln Burrows" (Dominic Purcell) after years of escaping from prisons around the world. 

While the return of Prison Break was not as well received by critics, the fans of the series were excited and ready to follow the stars on another adventure. Apparently, their wishes were heard and will be brought to life soon.

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